In-development online app for designing, generating and exporting your own customized fonts:

Type design is a discipline of hard work that requires a lot of time and knowledge.

Say hello to prototypo!

Start a font by tweaking all glyphs at once. With more than twenty parameters, design custom classical or experimental shapes. Once prototyping of the font is done, each point and curve of a glyph can be easily modified.

Explore, modify, compare, export with infinite variations.

The app isn’t available as yet, but there will be a campaign next month for funding - it will be online and open-source:

Our plan is to release a first beta in Oct. 2013, with the features of the processing-based prototype demonstrated in the video: a-Z glyphs exportable as .ttx (convertible to .otf using fonttools).

We will launch a crowdfunding campaign at the same time to fund the development of all the features we have in mind for a 1.0: more parameters, more glyphs, built-in .otf export, drag&dropable points and unicorns.

A potential essential design tool - more can be found at prototypo.io here

The White Rabbit by Frans Boukas. A 5 color screen print using metallic and fluorescent inks. See the daylight view above and the view under black light below.

This is part of our print series, Black Alice, featuring 8 different artists and 16 different print using fluorescent inks to explore the themes of transformation in the Alice books by Lewis Carroll. Now funding on kickstarter!

Very close to finished - the daylight and black light views of Rebecca Sugar’s “Alice.” This is part of our Black Alice series - 8 artists, 16 screen printed black light posters. See more about it and help us fund the printing here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/team-eight/black-alice-a-screen-printed-black-light-poster-se

“Tea Party Costume” by Noah Scalin for our Black Alice print series (now funding on Kickstarter).

This is one of our test prints of one of the final sixteen pieces. You see it here in daylight and then under black light. We need your help to fund the screen printing of the rest of the series by these eight great artists. You can see the all the behind the scenes and progress so far on our process blog.